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Coffee education & international certification,
with a true Italian and European standards.

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New to Coffee?

If you have no prior experience or training, our EA course provides a comprehensive introduction to fundamental barista and brewing skills for those who want to kickstart a career in specialty coffee, or coffee lovers wanting to deepen their knowledge.

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Working Barista
F&B Professional? 

If you're already working in the F&B / coffee industry and want to deepen your skills and receive international certification from the Specialty Coffee Association, explore our SCA Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Barista, Brewing, and Sensory courses.


Looking for
Roasted Coffee? 

Meet the new wave of clean energy coffee roasting. Using newest technology of Clean Hot Air Fluidized bed Typhoon coffee roaster from Russia for our Specialty Coffee. And the latest Probat P5 III P Series automation to support all HO.RE.CA demands for consistency.

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