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Making Coffee
Making Coffee
Barista Making Drip Coffee
Barista Making Coffee




The Espresso Academy offers barista and coffee courses in Florence, Italy's traditional style but right here in Bangkok, Thailand. The courses of the Espresso Academy, follow the latest trends and evidences of the world of professional coffee, in addition to the classical topics, such as milk frothing, Latte Art and machine maintenance. Some of our courses also include coffee roasting, following the different roasting profiles,brewing, with different coffee types, different temperatures and different methods (from the V60 to the Aeropress and so on), cupping the technique used as a professional approach of coffee tasting, especially in the world of specialty coffees.

Last but not least, the world of baristas, including the history, technology, knowledge of the Italian classic bar and how to  serve espresso and make beautiful cappuccino! A lot of attention (how can we miss it?) is also dedicated to the world of home barista and home roaster

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

- Benjamin Franklin

Pouring Coffee


Basic Barista Course - Foundation

Are you fascinated by the Espresso and barista world? Want you to start from the basic skills? Are you thinking to dedicate yourself to the profession of barista?

This course starts from the knowledge of the different sorts of coffee: Arabica, robusta, Liberica, washed, natural, Monsooned and so on. 

After, is the moment to start working. How to do a perfect espresso, with a perfect grinding degree and a perfect tamping. How to froth the milk for a perfect Italian cappuccino. How to do 6 basic menu i.e. Espresso,  Espresso macchiato, Americano, Cappuccino, Cafe latte and latte macchiato.

At the end, very important for barista and home barista: espresso machine cleaning and maintenance!

Latte Art


Advanced Barista Course

A full and intense Italian coffee course, to learn the basics of the barista job. Two days, with 1st day on Basic Barista Course - Foundation ฿8,000.00. and 2nd day on Advanced Barista Course + Latte Art ฿9,500.00. Combine 2 days ฿17,500. We compare and taste, with the trainers, different coffees and Italian blends with the espresso tasting sheets.


Then we approach the espresso preparation with professional parameters, we froth the milk for the classic cappuccino and we go deep into the latte art skill, for the preparation of the cappuccino with rosetta, hearts, tulip and so, with videos and a lot of pouring and etching practice.

Then we continue facing the classic Italian preparations as Espresso macchiato, then coffee grinding adjustment exercises.

Drip Coffee Pour


Coffee Brewing Course

A complete path that begins with the examination of the differences among the various brewing methods and the several different techniques.


Then, is the moment for the practice and the experiments, with the use of the refractometer and the tests about the main concepts of brewing: ideal cup, turbolence, TDS, and so on. For each tool (V60, Aeropress, Chemex, French press) we do many practical tests, also varying the parameters as grinding, temperature, paper or metal filters, and so on. All with a selection of different specialties and farm coffee…

And, at the end: Cold brew for all!!



Coffee Tasting and Cupping Course

Do you want to enter the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting? Do you want to become a sommelier, a professional taster, maybe aiming for a Q-grader career?

It's a complex journey, that begin learning about our sensory organs and recognizing the feelings that they send to us.

So you learn to smell and recognize, with a selection of aromas, the sensations that the different varieties of coffee bring to our nose. Then is the time of taste, to recognize and evaluate technically (with different water-solution) bitter, acidic, body, aromatic and other sensations that coffee can give us.

At this point coffee, tests in cupping and espresso, to apply our knowledge to the bean we love most!

Coffee Beans


Coffee Roasting and Blending Course

A course designed to give the bases of the roasting and blending technique for the Italian espresso.

A very busy day to learn how the roasting interacts with coffee: how to enhance the body, aroma and taste and how to build the blend we want to offer to our customers. A large section of the course is devoted to cupping and tasting techniques, because tasting is the real bookmark of our experience!

During the course we begin from the evaluation of the green coffee, then how to choose the roasting machine for different uses. Then we examine the various phases and profiles of the roasting process and how they affect the characteristics of the roasted coffee. After we proceed with practical exercises with final cupping of the roasted beans.

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