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SCA Coffee Value Assessment

฿28,000.00 Excluding VAT 7% (2 DAYS + exam, 11 AM - 7 PM, including exam fee)


1. General Information
Course Length: Minimum 14 hours
Pre-requisites: This course is for current cuppers who utilize the 2004 SCA cupping protocol, including but not limited to: 


  • Professional Cuppers

  • Q Arabica Graders or former Q Arabica Graders

  • Anyone who uses the SCA cupping system at least once a month or have used it intensively at some point in the past few years

  • Coffee lovers who are experienced with cupping and wish to learn the new SCA CVA system

Written Exam Information:

  • This is an online exam, taken at the students’ own time within 7 days after the course

Practical Exam Information:

  • Total Number of Sections on Practical Exam: 3 sections

  • Learners must pass all 3 sections in order to pass exam.

2. Course Description

The Coffee Value Assessment Course for Cuppers is a two-day professional update for coffee cuppers, during which they will learn and become familiarized with the SCA’s new Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) as a tool to evaluate coffee quality. The course is full of hands-on activities to demonstrate the elements of CVA, including several cuppings, though it also includes a few lectures and time for discussion. A certificate attesting the participant has acquired CVA as cupping tool will be issued to those students who pass both practical and theoretical tests. 

Objectives: After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to use correctly and integrate the SCA's Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) tools into their cupping practice. 
After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to: 


  • Identify and utilize the new CVA sensory references. 

  • Explain the function and background of key sensory assessment tools used in CVA:

    • 15-point intensity scale

    • CATA lists

    • Hedonic scales. 

  • Use the CVA Descriptive and Affective Forms to describe and evaluate coffee. 

  • Explain and use the new CVA system, including the descriptive, affective, and extrinsic 
    evaluation tools. 

3. Topics Covered

  • Introduction to CVA: why the changes in the system, pilot projects, and how each can support different points of supply chain 

  • Introduction to CATA: Understanding the CATA lists and getting comfortable using them

  • Descriptive Cupping: Explanation of the system and practical cupping session 

  • Introduction to Hedonic scale:  Understanding the Hedonic Scale

  • Affective Cupping: Explanation of the Affective Cupping system and practical cupping session

  • Introduction to the Extrinsic Assessment Form and how to use it

  • Combined Form Cupping: Understanding and hands-on usage of the combined Affective & Descriptive Form


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