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eat. Coffee Roaster Society
Single Origin to HO.RE.CA Blend


eat. Coffee Roasters Society founded in responded to a need for new wave coffee roasting.

Our roast master has been roasting specialty coffee since 2016 for his own cafe. Now with years of experience in coffee roasting and guaranteed with various competitions from Barista, Brewing, and Roasting as 1st Runner up and finalist from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. These coffee are in good hand.


Fun Fact: Your roaster master also hold a Commercial Pilot License since 2014 for Boeing 777 and Boing 787 Dreamliner, with more than thousand of flight hours and hundreds of take-off and landing. He is also an Authorized SCA Trainer since 2018 and taught hundreds of students and trainers throughout. 

"The smell of fresh-made coffee is...

one of the world's greatest inventions."

 -Hugh Jackman-

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Russia: TYPHOON Coffee Roasters

Fun fact: fluid-bed roasting creates 70% less bean defects

Energy management with automation is in the roast master blood. As a pilot, precision and energy consumption management is the key to success flight. In roasting, we trust in Typhoon Coffee Roasters with their clean energy from 3-phase 380v that provide abundant energy for coffee roasting, yet doesn’t produce any combustion in the process. Hence, less pollution and better for the planet. With hot air and fluidized bed design, allowing the coffee to be roasted with even roast color. And with its automation, we can roast our coffee with precision.

Application: specialty coffee, single origin and signature single origin flavor coffees

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Norway: ROEST Professional Sample Roaster

Fun fact: most of our ROEST total roasting time is average within 5-6 min only! 

Fully automation and controllability is the key success for this machine. Our roaster master met the designer of this machine in Oslo during his layover back when he was piloting Boing 777. When this was release, without delay, he acquire one to roast all of his specialty coffee. Since it is fully automation and also hot air, fix drum with paddle, we are able to transfer the profile from ROEST to Typhoon for production without hassle. 

Application: all of our coffee, single origin or blend, will be roast and design profile prior to production batch.

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Germany: PROBAT P5III P-Series

Fun fact: For more than 150 years, all coffee in the world was roasted according to the classical technology.

Latest addition to our coffee roastery. With it traditional gas and drum, conduction style of roasting, and now equip with auto-profile, we can accommodate the HO.RE.CA sector on a more repetitive roast coffee. 

Application: classical blend, medium to Italian roast coffee. 

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