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Starting in 2022, as part of our goal to continue improving coffee community with our adjacent neighbor in the region such as Thailand, Lao, and Myanmar. We support and provide our alumni with coffee evaluation service. Base on the international standard that we have achieve as Premier Training Campus with SCA and also Q-Venue Professional with CQI, we believe that our evaluation support with minimal fee would greatly help our alumni continuing to develop their coffee process.


Evaluation would be lead by our in-house Certified CQI Lecturer, Q-Arabica grader and Q-Robusta grader. With additional sensory evaluators that are certified SCA Sensory Skill Professional with years of experience in coffee community. 


To prevent any bias in knowing the sample from our alumni, each sample will be coded during the grading and roasting process. The sample arabica coffee would then be evaluate among other 4 specialty graded arabica coffee. The sample of robusta coffee would also be evaluate among other 4 fine graded robusta coffee, where one of the sample will be coded twice to double check our Q-Graders and Sensory evaluator score consistency.


Cupping protocol are followed according to CQI cupping protocol and score were calibrate and evaluate properly. 


Our certified arabica and robusta are by no mean equivalent to the proper CQI In-Country Partner evaluation where their process required a much more vigorous evaluators. But this should be understand that it is used in helping to evaluate our alumni sample in order to prepare their coffee for the proper Q-Coffee evaluation with CQI. 


At the moment, the service is limited to our alumni due to limited time and resource that we have and offered with minimal fee, only during the period of post harvest season to help evaluate our alumni's coffee properly.


It is our believe that through proper coffee education, training and support, we will surely develop our coffee community together.


Below are coffee samples that were evaluated:

Arabica - Typica

Arabica - Catimor

Fine Robusta

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