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Guideline and Schedule


why the minimum?


“minimum” is the required training for the staffs to be-able to fully and completely understand about important of espresso shot, for it to be on standard of Italy, Espresso Academy Firenze (our partner Academy) along with Specialty Coffee Association’s golden cup standard. These training will help the barista to adjust, adapt, and maintain the standard the espresso shot in the shop. Any less training may yield result of training below than standard and affected reputation of all the concern parties. Hence, the require minimum is set. 


more detailed agreements will be followed if the above mentioned “minimum” conditioned are accepted.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

- Benjamin Franklin

Serving Coffee

Timeline and Objective

Project. Coaching X Training (Espresso Academy and SCA guideline) 

Length. 10 weeks

Aim and Target. client's team to be fully trained by 10 weeks

  • week 1 : Initial training and setup by AST* (3 days minimum)

  • week 1-3 : Foundation training and coaching

  • week 4-7 : Intermediate training and coaching

  • week 8-10 : Professional training and coaching

  • skills evaluation and assessment will be done weekly interval

* Training fees maybe waived when opt for "on-site training as per mentioned below (3 days minimum)

Toasting Drinks


Initial Training : The Boss: 👨🏼‍🚀 Natt

✔️Authorised EA Trainer for 2018-2021

✔️Authorised SCA Trainer for 2018-2021

✔️SCA Barista Skill Professional 2017

✔️SCA Brewing Skill Professional 2018

✔️SCA Sensory Skill Professional 2019

🏆1st runner up Espresso Italiano 2017
🏅Finalist Thailand National Brewing Championship 2019

✔️SCA Member since 2016

Session 1: 👩🏻Muai

🏆1st runner up Word Es-Yenn Championship 2018

✔️SCA Barista Professional
✔️SCA Brewing Intermediate
✔️Anaya’s Head Barista

✔️Anaya’s coffee roaster


Session 2:👨🏻‍🎤Aek

✔️SCA Barista Intermediate
🏅Finalist The Maestro Barista Espresso Italiano 2019

✔️Anaya’s coffee roaster


Session 3: 👩🏻‍🎤Chonly  

✔️SCA Barista Intermediate

🏅Finalist Thailand Indy Barista Championship 2019

✔️Anaya's Trainer

Coffee Hearts

Budget planning for 10 weeks

💞start budget 251k* +10% fee +(7% vat optional)

☝🏻*budget may be increased depend on the clients training requirement ie. ต้องการให้ coach วนมาอีกรอบ หรือ ส่งคนเรียนมากขึ้น) but no less than the minimum requirement below.

✔️100k : 10 weeks onsite coaching 

✔️63k* : EA Complete Training for 2 pax (full complete course 3 days at Anaya Esprsso Society. Course including: Basic-Adv Barista, Brewing, Cupping and Roasting) [31,5000/ท่าน ได้รับ 5 Certificates ต่อท่าน)

✔️88k* : SCA Training (4 x SCA intermediate certificates) [ 22,000 ต่อใบ สามารถเลือกเรียน SCA Barista skill หรือ SCA Brewing skill ได้ ]

✔️10% fee

* Training fees maybe waived when opt for "on-site training as per mentioned below (3 days minimum)

Laptop & Coffee

On-site Training and Consulting

USD €700 per day + flight and accommodations.

Client must prepare all necessary equipment and materials for class.


(certifications not include, additional fee as below)

Certification for Foundation + Intermediate = 11,000 baht

Or Foundation = 3,000, Intermediate = 8,000

Separated course fees and Certification fee for some who aren’t interested in Certification.

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